Hi! My name is Riikka, but you can call me Riikkis.
I'm freshly graduated visual designer here from Oulu.
Ever since I was a little child, I’ve always loved to grab a coloring pencil.
So Drawing has always motivated me to study graphic designs and illustrating.

My curious and passionate personality has always inspired
me to take new challenges. I am a versatile person who is always exited to
try new things from graphic design to trying out new games! 
My passion is to create simple and polished visual design for my clients.
I think a polished plan and proper feedback is the key
for the best final result for the project!

If you are interested of my work, you can always take contact to me! 
You can contact me by sending email to riikkis.savela(at)gmail.com. 
More of my works you can find on my other social medias.
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